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Crazy Philadelphia eddie story R.I.P

In the grand scheme of things, Crazy Philadelphia Eddie was a force to be reckoned with. A tower among the short and the long, he set off back to California, ready to embark on yet another one of his life's grand adventures.

One day, his old friend Bob Shaw proposed a simple task. "You like pineapple juice, kid?" Bob asked. Eddie affirmed his taste for the sweet tropical nectar. Bob, handing him some money, instructed him to fetch two cups of the finest pineapple juice from a little juice place down by the pike. "Get me one, get yourself one," he said, and Eddie was off.

As Eddie journeyed past the checkerboard lounge, the scent of beer wafting through the curtain door drew him in. He'd just grab a quick one, he thought. As he entered, a chair flew across the room, bouncing off the floor. A large Samoan man, a known acquaintance of Bob Shaw, was in the middle of the fray, tossing people around like rag dolls.

One of the flailing patrons slid in front of Eddie, who promptly smacked him and sent him back into the chaos. This action earned him a grin from the Samoan, who invited him to sit and share a drink. As they clinked glasses, Eddy mentioned his mission to fetch Bob Shaw the best pineapple juice in the world.

The Samoan man raised an eyebrow. "My country has the best pineapple juice," he said with conviction. "You come with me." After sharing a few more drinks, the next thing Eddie remembered was boarding a plane with the large Hawaiian. Then disembarking with him. He was in Hawaii.

When he finally got around to calling Bob Shaw, his friend was understandably perplexed. "Where the hell are you?" Bob asked. Eddie responded with a grin in his voice, "I'm getting you the best pineapple juice in the world." Bob exploded, "Are you in fucking  Hawaii?" Eddie just chuckled and replied, "Yes, that's right. I am. I'm getting you the best pineapple juice in the world."

And that was Eddie’s infamous pineapple juice story. He got the juice, enjoyed it with a splash of Sailor Jerry rum, and turned a simple errand into a wild adventure. As always, it was all in a day's work for Crazy Philadelphia Eddie.

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