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Revolutionizing the Tattoo Industry: The Impact of Procreate

Updated: May 18, 2023


In recent years, the tattoo industry has seen a significant transformation fueled by the integration of digital technologies. Among these, one software that stands out for its profound impact is Procreate. This powerful, intuitive drawing and painting app, originally designed for the iPad, has offered tattoo artists an entirely new and improved way of working.

The Transition to Digital

Before Procreate, tattoo artists primarily relied on traditional drawing methods - pencil and paper - to sketch their designs. This process was often labor-intensive and required a significant amount of time and resources, including physical space for storage. Moreover, making changes to a design was not as straightforward, potentially leading to wasted materials and time.

The advent of Procreate has changed this dynamic, offering a digital platform where artists can create and modify their designs with ease. Not only does this save physical resources, but it also allows for greater flexibility and creativity in design creation.

Benefits of Procreate for Tattoo Artists

1. **Unlimited Canvas**: Procreate provides an unlimited digital canvas, allowing artists to experiment without fear of wasting materials. Artists can easily erase, undo, and redo their designs, fostering an environment of creative freedom and experimentation.

2. **Variety of Tools**: Procreate boasts a vast range of digital brushes and tools, which can emulate different art styles. This feature allows tattoo artists to create a variety of designs that may have been challenging with traditional methods.

3. **Layers and Blending**: Procreate's layers feature enables artists to build their designs piece by piece, improving the clarity and detail of their work. Additionally, the blending capabilities can mimic the shading techniques used in tattooing, providing a more accurate representation of the final product.

4. **Portability**: With Procreate on an iPad, artists have a portable design studio. They can work on their designs anytime, anywhere, making the most of their creative spurts without being tied to a specific location.

5. **Professional Portfolio**: Procreate also serves as a portfolio, enabling artists to store, showcase, and easily share their work with clients or on social media.

How Procreate Has Freed Tattoo Artists

Procreate has not just changed the way tattoo artists work; it has also liberated them. The flexibility and efficiency of digital design have allowed artists to take on more clients and projects. They can quickly produce multiple design options, easily incorporate client feedback, and make real-time adjustments during consultations.

Furthermore, Procreate has created new avenues for artists to learn and grow. The app's features and wide user community have made it easier than ever for artists to explore new styles, learn from peers, and develop their unique voice in the art form.


The introduction of Procreate into the tattoo industry represents a significant shift in how artists work. By providing an efficient, flexible, and creative platform, it has not only enhanced the quality of tattoo design but also the working lives of the artists themselves. As technology continues to evolve, it's exciting to imagine what other revolutions lie on the horizon for this vibrant and creative industry.

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